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Welcome! These pages are to support children, young people and adults who have experienced trauma which will promote recovery.


We have included support for the families who are supporting those people precious to you who have experienced trauma. Additionally, we have also included a page for professionals such as teachers and social workers who would benefit from an understanding of trauma and how to help beneficiaries.


Trauma is commonly defined as exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violation (DSM-V, APA, 2013)


Recovery from Trauma is moving from the Victim to the Survivor.


“In the middle of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”

Albert Camus


The following pages provides access to resources which will develop and promote a person’s own internal resilience in order to overcome the trauma and thrive in their future life.


For children, we have provided a page whereby parents/carers can help them navigate through a journey of recovery.


We have provided differing pages to support you. Some are informative and some are resources to support you in your journey from experiencing trauma to that of resilience, personal growth, and healing.



Children and Young People – CandYP

Dysregulation – means when a person is unable to manage emotions and responses

Parent/carer – to simplify the text we will refer to all as the parent

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Tackling Trauma Creators


Jane Deamer



Jane Deamer has worked as the part-time Development Manager for The Crysalys Foundation since 2018. Jane has dedicated her adult life to improving the outcomes and impacts for disadvantaged children and families and has over thirty years successful business leadership, management and philanthropy. Working both as a consultant and in third sector senior leadership roles, including twenty years in senior management of regional children and family charities; winning a world class contract valued at over £10M; and three years as a Director and Trustee of multinational, Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited. Jane currently holds an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Award in ‘Strategic Leadership’ along with a First Class BA Honours Degree in ‘Applied Social and Community Studies’ and a HND in ‘Youth and Community Development.’ Jane now runs her own cross-sector consultancy, JD Consultancy and undertakes various voluntary roles including: founder member and Chair of the Faraway Children’s Charity (since 2008).



Yvette Lambe

MSc, BACP (Snr. Accred.), PTUK, UKPTS


Yvette Lambe is a children’s and young people’s psychotherapist, trainer and clinical supervisor who has been in practice since 2003. Yvette is a  MSc graduate counselling children and young people who works in private practice as well as  working as a Clinical Lead Therapist for a leading regional family based charity, Service Six.


Yvette has previously practiced directly for the local authority working with adopted and children in care, adults and their families, which has involved working with complex historical traumas. This experience has been a foundation for her trauma work with vulnerable children, young people and adults as well as training counsellors and therapists in trauma informed practice.


In the past eight years, she has focused her practice on trauma therapy which has included direct referrals within Service Six from the Sexual Assault Referral Centres in the East Midlands for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse and or assault. Her thesis research focused on trauma and the effectiveness of pre-trial therapy for those recovering from sexualised trauma.



Easy Admin


Easy Admin is an East Midlands based IT support company providing a range of digital solutions to cross sector clients. We were commissioned to build the Tackling Trauma website and realise the vision of the context, narrative and characters within the website pages. Easy Admin have undertaken significant pro bono expertise and actions alongside the project.

Company No: 11080543.

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Flore, NN7 4LE.

T: 07495 539 611 E: jane@crysalys.org


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